6 Must Have Home Décor Items for a Classy Living Room

Hmmm…..I can see you are pretty serious about giving your drawing room a new and fresh look.

We want change. Be it food, clothes, our surrounding, or for instance the place we live in. In fact, sometimes a deep urge for change arises particularly when you come home from a lavish and beautifully designed place and you find your home comparatively too boring and lifeless to live in.

Now, obviously not all of us can spend thousands of rupees in buying the expensive home décor items for a classy drawing room. But we can certainly make a few changes that will give your living room a makeover.

So here we will discuss 6 must have home décor items for a classy living room.

Hey! Somewhere I can sense that you are a bit confused between drawing room and living room. Okay I tell you in short.

Living room is the heart of the house often called lounge area. It’s a spacious space to spent time with close ones and generally furnished with sofas, rocking chair and family photos on the wall. You know, with a personal touch.

Drawing room is a more formal space with sofas, table, simple and decent home décor and is used for entertaining guests.

I think in India most of the houses have living cum drawing rooms. Do you also think the same?

So have a look at the items you need for a drawing room makeover.


Look at your drawing room curtains. Is the color and pattern complementing the space and furnishings?

The shade of your curtain should stand out from the walls. Ideally choose one shade darker or lighter than the wall shade.

Make sure you do not buy those shiny curtains from your local market just because they are cheaper. Always buy good quality fabric which is not too heavy and not too light.

You can also buy beautiful curtains online with pocket friendly prices.


Plants alone can magically change the mood of any living space even if you do not have modern furniture or expensive home décor items. You can place them literally anywhere in your house and witness the magic. Be it your drawing room, bedroom kitchen, balcony or even the washrooms.

Hang them in balcony or place on a side table, they beautify the space instantly.

Whether you have a traditional drawing room or a modern one, plants fit perfectly in every setting. Just make sure to have beautiful or at least evenly colored pots to contain them.

Choose delicate vases that also serve as art pieces for drawing room. I am sure you can find colorful artistically designed pots of every size on roadsides as they are extremely popular these days.  

In my view, plants are probably the most inexpensive home décor item that can change the appearance of any space.


A beautiful rug is a must have for a classy drawing room. You may have found it in every other drawing room. But how many times it really caught your attention?  

Don’t know why but it seems most of us buy it just to have one in our drawing room.


Buy a rug that complement your space. Create contrast and choose a classy design.

Never compromise with the quality of rug. These days you can find many low-priced rugs on street sides. Initially the price may attract you, but you will never have that classy touch with that.

You can also buy rugs online on various shopping sites but pay attention on rug measurement before selecting one as size may differ from what appears in picture.

Wall Décor

Walls are an integral part of our living room. Choose wall décor items wisely.

It could be a nice painting or a piece of art in a beautiful frame. A hanging wall sculpture or a big mirror can also make the wall appear stand out.

But make sure you don’t overdo the wall as the beauty will be lost then. Various wall décor items are readily available in the market and on online shopping sites in different sizes and styles.

Lights and Candles

If you never tried floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lights as home décor, you must give it a chance. I bet you would be surprised to see the dramatic effect that lights could create.

Buy a nice floor lamp and place it in the corner of your drawing room and witness the beauty. Various hanging lights are available online with stunning designs.

Don’t wait for Diwali to light candles in your room. Use colored delicate candle holders for candles. A variety of scented candles available online that you can choose from.


I personally don’t feel comfortable while sitting in a sofa with a cushion placed at my back. But they do look incredibly beautiful. 

Tastefully chosen and beautifully placed cushion covers freshen up the mood and makes drawing room inviting. Play with different colors, patterns, and sizes.


A wide range of modern as well as traditional cushion is available online. I also bought a few sets of cushion covers online with affordable prices. 

So in my view these were a few home decorating items that have no substitute for a beautiful drawing cum living room.

Always try to purchase statement pieces that not only look good but are functional and easy to maintain. Do let me know if you think something more important can take place of anyone of them.

Hope you like this!

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