The Myth buster for Coronavirus

Ever since the news of novel COVID-19 outbreak in China and in more than 100 countries hit the world, various stories are doing the rounds on internet regarding the cure of coronavirus.

Some of us following them blindly without even checking their authenticity. In this blog we will separate myths and facts associated with novel COVID-19. So let's get started.

COVID-19 will automatically be destroyed with the rise in temperature
This is probably the most common belief I come across daily from people around me. Truth is, as per WHO and CDC, investigations are ongoing, and it is not known yet whether the rise in temperature will destroy the virus or not. There is still much more to get unfolded regarding COVID-19 and yes, the virus can get transmitted in all areas.

Garlic can cure coronavirus
Garlic contains health benefits, antimicrobial properties and are high in antioxidants but it is not proven to be helpful in curing COVID-19. It is a myth.

Some also say that keeping cloves, green cardamom, camphor and a few mace threads tied in a cloth can prevent the coronavirus spread. (I also got this suggestion for my kids 😊)

Drinking lukewarm water and gargling with saline water can prevent the virus to spread through the body
Believe me this is the exact reply that I got when I showed health concern for one of my friends. He has to go out daily and meet a few people due to his sister’s wedding that is in April. The family thinks that there is no way any of them get caught as they are regularly having warm water and gargle with saline water once they are home from market.

The truth is, as per WHO, there is no convincing proof that it can prevent the coronavirus from spreading through the body. In fact, too much salt in the solution can cause damage to upper respiratory tract. UNICEF has also clarified that the message circulating on various social platforms are false.

Taking hot bath can prevent the virus
Normal temperature of human body remains around 37°C and has nothing to do with the temperature of your bath or shower. Hot bath washes away all the dirt, sweat and leaves you refreshed. This is what all it does. 

Coronavirus can survive for some 12 hours on a metal surface, 9 hours on clothes and 4 hours on hands
It is again a myth because according to WHO, it is not certain that on which surface COVID-19 survive and for how many minutes or hours. In fact, it can survive for a few hours to a few days depending upon type of surface material, temperature and humidity in the environment.

I have also mentioned this fact in my earlier blog that provides you with all the basic information on coronavirus.

COVID-19 is similar to common cold and same goes for its remedy

I got this picture today with a message that we don’t need to worry about coronavirus as it is as simple as the common cold people get during season change. It claims that coronavirus is curable and even suggested some medicines.

The fact is it is 10 times deadlier than the common flu. It may show similar symptoms the seasonal flu has, such as fever, headache, cold, cough but it is not curable with the same medicines.

Consuming alcohol and spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body can kill the virus
It is a myth that consuming alcohol can save you from getting infected (Imagine the world if it is true).

Both alcohol and chlorine may have proved useful for disinfecting surfaces, but they can’t kill the virus once it entered the body. In fact, it may harm your eyes, mouth and clothes.

Pneumonia vaccines can protect you from Coronavirus
This is not true. The virus is very new and different and therefore, requires a new vaccine. Though, as per WHO, vaccination against respiratory problems is highly recommended.

Coronavirus affect only older people
People of all ages can get infected from COVID-19. But older people and people with weak immune system and medical history of diseases like asthma or heart patients are more vulnerable.

Taking antibiotics can be helpful to fight the virus
Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, but coronavirus is a viral disease. So, antibiotics will not help to prevent the new virus.

You can find plenty of misleading information about coronavirus pandemic on various social media platforms that do nothing except creating panic and jeopardising lives.

Washing hands regularly with soap for at least 20-30 seconds, applying  alcohol based sanitizers, wearing masks and gloves, avoiding touching your nose,  eyes and mouth with your hands are the most important and basic measures you can take to protect you and your dear ones from getting infected.

Stay safe and follow good hand and respiratory hygiene.


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